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From NBC: 'IT'S REAL. IT HAPPENED.'  US Officials are now being targeted. This is groundbreaking for TIs! We must leverage this!

October 30, 2018




It validates being a Targeted Individual. US Officials are being targeted in China and Cuba then in the US when they return home. The US Gov, Law Enforcement, Medical, Legal, Scientific,and Journalistic Community are investigating. Mainstream News is reporting on it, which includes ongoing investigative reporting. This is a MAJOR WIN FOR TIs!


We must leverage this to help expose and end targeting. 


Note: Any TIs who demonize this article, the US Officials being targeted, or the non-TIs helping to investigate, research, and report on it are either perps or need their head checked.



This is groundbreaking from NBC News! 

US Officials are experiencing the same things as Targeted Individuals. Read on to learn about their targeting.

Bullet points from the article:


Evidence of DEWs, Microwaves, Pyschotronics, and V2K

  • Hughes heard the sounds, too — high-pitched and low-pitched — along with pulsing pressure that felt like a wave washing through her body.

  • Soon she, too, developed headaches, nausea and problems concentrating.

  • "My once beautifully articulate, intelligent and thoughtful daughter had been reduced to a shell of her former self," 

  • Symptoms that included hearing and memory loss and headaches after hearing strange noises and feeling vibrations

  • Records show she tested below the fifth percentile on a developmental eye movement exam. A psychological evaluation found problems with motor functioning and visual perception, with "clear evidence of decreases in functioning from pre-injury likely." 

  • Trying to hide her newfound struggle with recalling words from her husband, but he noticed. She grew particularly alarmed when she discovered she couldn't remember the names of the family pets.

  • A neuropsychologist wrote Hughes "continues to experience persistent cognitive impairments, cognitive weaknesses and variable functions after a number of environmental exposures in China.

  • In some cases, further testing at Penn found similar medical issues to Cuban evacuees, including acquired brain injury, vestibular dysfunction and sleep disorders, medical records reviewed by NBC News show. But State Department officials say 14 of them were determined not to be cases. One was deemed "indeterminate."

  • He said the Penn doctors are "getting thrown under the bus" by the "doubting voices in the State Department."

  • The confirmed Cuba cases were given FBI letters identifying them as "a possible victim of a crime." The letter notes they are "entitled to receive certain services" through the FBI's Victim Assistance Program and grants access to a special system to track their case, according to one letter reviewed by NBC News.


Evidence of Gang Stalking and Cover Up

  • Even in the United States, not all evacuated from Cuba and China are convinced they're safe.

    • In Washington, editorials and comments by Cuba-friendly lawmakers suggested the Americans could be suffering from mass hysteria.

      • ​"Any suggestion that this is some sort of mass hysteria is simply counterfactual, and the medical community, every doctor I've spoken to about this is unanimous," Sullivan said on the call, according to a recording obtained by NBC News. "It's real. It happened. And that's the set of facts."

    • In internal State Department instructions reviewed by NBC News, workers in Cuba and China were told not to discuss what they knew with the public, with reporters or on social media.

      • Yet over the last year, patients have extensively shared their records, recollections and medical updates with one another through encrypted messaging apps and in person, as they try to piece together what happened to them overseas.

    • More recently, they've started to voice concerns among themselves that despite its "medical confirmation" that a worker in China was affected, the Trump administration may be backtracking.

    • Sullivan, after meeting with the Penn doctors, acknowledged "there may be a suspicion" that the U.S. government is trying to "minimize" what happened in China.

    • At least six of the evacuated Americans have reported suspected harassment or surveillance in the U.S. to the FBI, four U.S. officials and others familiar with the investigation said.

    • Signs of home intrusionslights turned on that had been left off, household items out of place

    • She and her daughter became convinced the dogs were being poisoned after they started regurgitating blood, Hughes wrote. On one occasion, they came home to find the dogs' water bowl filled with urine.

    • Some reported suspected break-ins at their homes or temporary housing, after finding items moved or tampered with, or lights and televisions turned on that had been left off. Some handed over potential evidence to the FBI, including surveillance footage and a laptop suspected to have been tampered with.

    • Others reported being conspicuously followed — including from their doctors' offices in Philadelphia — and suspicious activity on cellphones.

    • At one point, patients whose treatment was transferred from Penn to Washington's MedStar National Rehabilitation Network were told all of their MedStar appointments were canceled indefinitely due to safety concerns, four people familiar with the cancellations said. The problem was later resolved.

Everyone must read this groundbreaking mainstream NBC NEWS article! Here is the article!



What next?

  • The TI Community must work together to put together a strategy to leverage this article and the ongoing US Gov, Law Enforcement, Medical, Legal, Scientific, Journalistic activity being performed by non-TIs to help the targeted US Officials.

    • The TI Community must work together to prevent "TI Perps" from demonizing the non-TIs helping the targeted US Officials and this and related articles.

    • The TI Community must work together to help the ongoing investigations, research, and reporting to continue.

    • The TI Community must work together to help and work with the targeted US Officials.

    • The TI Community must work together to help and work with the non-TIs doing the research, investigations, and reporting.

    • The TI Community must work together to use this to help facilitate a public 21st century Human Rights conversation about using 21st century technology and gang stalking to destroy human lives.

    • The TI Community must... "What are your thoughts on how to leverage this GROUND BREAKING ARTICLE AND SITUATION TO HELP END TARGETING?"


Working Together,

Moe Hope


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